Illustrator Profile: Seung Eun Kim

As a part of this blog I want to share a featured artist on a weekly basis that I am following and focus in on what are some of the key things I am learning from their style and approach. For this week it’s Seung Eun Kim. You can find the bulk of his work here:

His “Gangsters” work is our feature of the week. One of the things I really like about this one is the great example of quality line work. One of the skills that I have been working on personally, is this idea of quality linework which translates to a variety of types of lines used to illustrate an idea. Linework such as the use of thick and thin lines to not only distinguish objects but also to help give the piece or form the illusion of taking up space. For example, you see the main character in the front on his left arm. Even though our mind connects the idea of the line representing a value on the under part of his arm, that is an example of a thick line, while the line on the other side of his arm is thin giving the illusion of a 3D object all through the use of line.

There are many examples of his work that I would encourage you to check out, not to mention his awesome ability to capture the likenesses of individuals. Also, he certainly is using digital techniques just as the camera focus fades into the background and everything moves more towards a neutral tone as we move into the background. Regarding the use the asymmetrical design, in terms of where the main character is placed, with his hands in different positions, this all creates interest in the figure and creates an allure that draws the eye.