These are my passion! I can’t imagine doing anything else. Whether it’s a poster working on my craft or developing a full graphic novel project – I’m all in! Illustrating specifically in this genre has always been a passion for me from a young age. Telling stories in pictorial form is how I used to get into trouble at school. There is so much depth of thought that goes into the comics that I’m drawn to. Ones with a strong sense of theatrics that combine watercolors and inks are my kryptonite.



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The key to TikvahMinds is: self-education with a twist. The realm of education is rapidly changing from a gate-keeper system of art schools and accreditations to professional development on a self-guided initiative. The beauty behind Mastermind events is that they are high-value events that are geared to your individual goals and needs. Being a part of this tsunami is an amazing opportunity and I am thrilled and driven to be a part of this education evolution. The idea of providing you with information that is valuable within the industry and not purely theoretical but authentic education.

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