Much of my work is made possible by our amazing community of artists, illustrators, and supports who are dedicated to the pursuit of seeing independent artists thrive.  Our goal is to help drive the excitement of creating comics, grow in our art and illustration skill, share in the story, and have the opportunity to express a general love for the craft.  The best part is that we could not do this without you.  So, many thanks as we explore together.


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Part II Our adventure continues following Jamie, Kob, and Abram, who are thrust into a situation that is deteriorating faster than they can handle. The small group is forced into a desperate attempt to rescue their loved ones caught in the crossfire of a gruesome military conflict of which they want no part: The Second American Civil War.

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Hello, Patreon community! I’m Elijah Loving, a comic artist living in Iowa, USA. I draw inspiration from everyday life. With your support, I create graphic novels, illustrations, and educational projects. Join me on this mythological journey, where I weave tales that spark imagination and invite exploration of the world around us.


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Congratulations we are fully funded! Backers will receive further details via email shortly. Huge thanks to all who supported us, not just monetarily. We love to bring joy and excitement to our projects through sharing art, illustrations, and stories. We hope you’ll relish the experience as much as we have when you get it.

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Congratulations, we are fully funded for this project but the work is not finished and we still need your continued help to support our three heroes who are thrust into a situation that is deteriorating fast in the graphic novel, The Last Colony. We greatly appreciate your support and enthusiasm as we could not do this project without you!