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In summary, is a “free speech platform with reasonable limits,” which are outlined, in part, in this document.

Under the protection of the Communications Decency Act, section 230, is not liable for the user content posted on Furthermore, maintains its right to feature, de-list, ban or otherwise select the visibility of such content on the website according to internal editorial preferences, all of which remains fully protected under CDA Sec. 230 “editorial functions” without exposing to tort liability for the content itself. operates in good faith to protect copyright holders while also respecting the full, broad interpretation of Fair Use. has a copyright claim process in place where copyright holders may request the removal of content that clearly violates intellectual property and does not qualify for Fair Use. operates in good faith with law enforcement when provided a warrant or a court order. Simultaneously, works to protect the privacy of its users from unreasonable harassment by law enforcement or other entities. is under no obligation to cooperate with law enforcement requests that lack a warrant or a court order. reserves the right to challenge court orders which appear to be unlawful or that place an unreasonable burden on Furthermore, does not track any identifiable information of end users (video viewers), and only limited server logs on video (content creators). maintains email addresses of content creators, but will not release them without a warrant or a court order that fully complies with applicable law and that compels to share that email address with law enforcement. Even then, reserves the right to challenge the legality of any court order.

Copyrighted content

By uploading videos to, content creators assert they have the legal right to distribute the entire content of their video(s), including music, sound effects, video and still images associated with the video. does not currently offer a royalty-free collection of music, video or images for free use. However, we are exploring that as a future option.

Copyright holders who believe Tikvahminds.coms inappropriately use their copyrighted content may submit a copyright claim via acts in good faith to remove copyrighted content that is used outside the interpretation of Fair Use.

Editorial policies reserves the right to de-list, ban, de-activate, feature, highlight, categorize or otherwise adjust the way in which user-uploaded content is viewed, browsed or searched on the website. In addition, may, at its own discretion, pre-pend video advertising or post-pend video advertising during an end-user’s viewing of the video content.

As a general rule, will de-list or ban content that overtly attacks or endangers LIFE or LIBERTY.

In the interests of encouraging a civil platform for debate and discourse, content that names and aggressively attacks, smears or slanders individuals who are active members of may be banned or de-listed. (See more details below.) asks that content creators post content using a real name: Either your individual name or the real name of your organization. Real names are not verified, and this rule is largely ignored if you are merely posting positive-oriented or how-to content. However, content which makes specific accusations against individuals or organizations may receive more scrutiny, and if it is discovered that videos are being posted using a false identity, that channel may be disabled. (See more detail below, as there are exceptions for confirmed whistleblowers who need anonymity for protection to expose corruption.)

Note that these guidelines are merely a starting point and will be updated many times to encompass the wide variety of content we expect to see posted on

Disallowed content on

Content that is subject to being delisted or banned includes (but is not limited to):


Because operates inside the United States, it must abide by U.S. laws concerning the legality of content. disallows content which promotes or advocates criminal acts such as bomb-making, terrorism, death threats, arson, child porn and so on. This is not a complete list.

Where federal law is unconstitutional or stands in violation of basic human rights — such as federal prohibition of cannabis — sides with Natural Law, which supersedes artificial government laws. In other words, welcomes — but does not specifically recruit or call for — content depicting the hydroponic production of cannabis, for example, even in regions where federal law prohibits possession of cannabis. This is because such federal laws stand in violation of basic human rights (access to natural plant medicine).

Similarly, because the right to self-defense is a Natural Law reflected throughout Mother Nature, welcomes — but does not specifically recruit or call for — content depicting the possession of firearms for the purpose of self-defense, even if filmed or uploaded from regions where such possession may be deemed illegal by applicable law.

2) CONTENT WHICH VIOLATES LOCAL LAW IN THE LOCAL JURISDICTION geo-restricts content which has been deemed illegal in local jurisdictions. For example, “Holocaust denial” videos — a term which is not well defined even by those who ban such videos — are geo-restricted in 15 countries where denial of the Holocaust has been deemed a criminal offense.

Other countries have blasphemy laws against mocking religious leaders, and for that reason, such videos are geo-restricted in those countries.

In order for the platform to continue to exist in these countries. takes active steps to geo-restrict videos that are believed to violate local or national laws.

3) CONTENT WHICH ADVOCATES VIOLENT AGGRESSION – OR GROUPS ESPOUSING VIOLENT AGGRESSION – TOWARD PEOPLE OR ORGANIZATIONS THAT DON’T DESERVE IT supports freedom of speech with reasonable limits. For example, content which promotes racist KKK activities or organizations with a history of advocating violent aggression (such as Antifa or the DEA) are not allowed, unless posted in the context of news, criticism or public commentary on such activities (subject to review and interpretation by

In contrast to the above, the depictions of violence in the context of protecting life or liberty is allowed. For example, a video of citizen shooting an attacker in self-defense is allowed.

Similarly, if a violent Antifa terrorist is caught on video bashing people on their skulls using a bike lock (their favorite weapon), and an armed patriot shoots the Antifa terrorist in the face with a .45 auto in an act of self-defense, that video will certainly be allowed.


No content is allowed which depicts cruelty against living beings, including unjustified animal cruelty or human torture. These acts are widely considered to be criminal acts, and videos depicting such acts are not allowed on Hunting videos are allowed if they do not depict the suffering of animals. Self-defense shooting videos are allowed if the defensive shooting is justified to halt violence or for purposes of public education to help teach individuals how to defend their life, liberty and property against violent aggressors.

This section also covers content which promotes suicide, mass shootings, etc. For example, if a disturbed individual posts a video claiming he is taking antidepressant drugs and feels like shooting up a local school with a shotgun, such content would be disallowed. The interpretation of this is up to personnel and may be subject to change, depending on a variety of factors, including compliance with local laws.


Content that promotes harmful ideologies that have historically lead to genocide or mass murder is not allowed. For this reason, content promoting Marxism, socialism, Satanism, communism and other harmful belief systems is not allowed on (Such ideologies have resulted in the deaths of over 262 million people worldwide in the last century.)

The interpretation of this rule will be in the sole discretion of, which strives to protect speech to the fullest. Nevertheless, use of the platform to promote anti-human, genocidal or extremely harmful ideologies that have been historically tied to mass human suffering and murder is not allowed.


In the interests of civility, we aim to provide a platform from which independent media personalities may post videos without fear of being unfairly attacked or defamed by others on the same platform. In essence, we aim to provide a platform where each individual has a right to speak without being viciously attacked, shouted down or heckled by other members on the platform who seemingly don’t have their own ideas (but have plenty of time to attack everyone else).

In addition, we fully recognize that government-run operatives will attempt to launch thousands of sock puppet accounts and post videos to smear indy media personalities and sow discord.

In order to help halt sock puppet “slander videos” targeting indy media, we are launching with an unusual rule, which is that no content may attack, by name, other members of except in limited circumstances in which the person being attacked is irrefutably involved in disinfo, fraud, criminal behavior or other egregious activities that harm society as a whole (this is all subject to interpretation by moderators).

In addition, videos which sharply criticize big government bureaucrats, the fake news media, corrupt lawmakers and other elements of the “establishment” are welcomed, but not specifically encouraged. This includes education, science, medicine, law, Wall Street and more.


For obvious reasons, this category of disallowed content is difficult to define. Essentially, recognizes that deep state operators running “sock puppet” accounts will attempt to infiltrate and exploit the platform to sow chaos, distrust and paranoia across independent media. Any videos which believes to be engaged in such tactics may be subject to being de-listed or banned.

Context and interpretation of intent

While each moderation decision is subject to reasonable interpretation, content which depicts any of the “disallowed” scenarios listed elsewhere MAY be allowed if presented in the context of condemning such acts, analyzing current events from a newsworthy perspective, or showing snippets of acts of evil for purposes of education or commentary.

For example, a content depicting a group of street thugs viciously attacking a uniformed police officer may be allowed if presented in the context of important news and commentary on such heinous acts. However, if such videos are posted as gratuitous “kill the pigs” videos to celebrate the murder of cops, the content would be disallowed.

Similarly, if a pro-civil liberties video contains a few seconds of a KKK racist mob screaming “kill the n-@@–s!” as part of a documentary-style educational content highlighting the destructive history of such groups, that content would be allowed even though the exact same content would be banned if presented in the context of advocating the murdering of people based on the color of their skin.

In other words, CONTEXT MATTERS. The intent of the video presenter is estimated by moderators and taken into account during all moderation decisions. If, in the view of the moderator, the purpose of a particular video is to promote violence or harmful content, that video may be delisted or banned. At the same time, if the purpose is education or newsworthy commentary, such a content is unlikely to be delisted or banned.