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TikvahBLOGPOST Jan 14th, 2022 – Why Is Supporting The Arts So Important For 2022? OK, I know we are already two weeks into 2022 – but seriously, where did 2021 go? Regardless of whether we are ready or not, it’s here and efforts are well in motion that it can’t be stopped.  For our TLC......
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(UPDATED INFO) (LIVE STEAM THIS AFTERNOON 4 PM CDT) THE LAST COLONY PROJECT UPDATE!! 08/19/21 Update Aug 20th, 2021: We now have a TradeMark for the title The Last Colony. This is really exciting news and we just had to share it! Also here are the links I used for the live stream to checkout......
What is so important about how we support one another and the test of life of how far are we willing to go to preserve our loved ones? Weekdays 10am CDT
Some moments are bigger than others, why are communities so important, and why we need each other. Weekdays 10am CDT
The launch of The Last Colony is right around the corner, and in less than 15 hrs it kicks off. In this show I talk about all the pieces that lead to this moment and what it means. Weekdays 10am
Whats happening to comics and why we are looking for ways to directly connect with our patrons, and what that means. Weekdays 10am
Our 100th show on the week of the launch of The Last Colony. Sign up for more information about the event, and what has lead up to this point of our Tikvah story. Weekdays 10am
Todays show we talk about the announcement of The Last Colony Crowdfunding campaign and what has lead us to this moment. Weekdays 10am