3 Digital ComicBook Photoshop Template Pages 11 x 17 Now For Sale!

Photoshop Templates for Regular Comic Book Art Board sized at 11 x 17 with non-photo blue border/bagged guides.

Tikvah Comics ™️ is designed with the comic illustrator in mind.  These are the templates I use on a day-to-day basis that serve as the traditional 11 x 17 prints size which is standard for the comic industry.  With this purchase, you will be getting three different border layouts, two one-page designs (one for more of a blank canvas and another with trim lines).  Additionally, you will receive a two-page layout for your two-page spread illustrations as this is something I haven’t found provided anywhere else and wanted to share with you as a bonus. Included on each page are: labels for name, date, book, issue, and page number.  This bundle is great for comic book illustrators of all skills and abilities.  We are so excited to see the work you produce with these comic illustration boards so please share your work with us  @elijah_tikvah on your favorite social media platform!