TikvahComics BLOGPOST Dec 15th, 2021: Q1 Poster Finished!!

There is a lot of exciting news to share with you this week!  First up, I was able to finish the Q1 Patron Poster which you are now able to see in the black and white version below.  If you want to see the fully finished work, click on the picture below.

The second cool thing we are working on includes ‘The Last Colony’ work as it continues and we’re hoping to announce more about that at the start of the New Year.   

Third, we have finalized plans to join the Kansas City Planet Comic-Con, which is REALLY exciting news!  I look forward to seeing everyone again at this event.

Lastly, we are working hard on bringing back the TMQ 2022 magazine. Your support in spreading the word, sharing this valuable art publication with students of all backgrounds and anyone interested in illustration.  We wouldn’t be here without you!

For those that asked about last week’s update, the knee is OK but the pride was massively wounded.  

Have a great holiday season!