The Last Colony: Live Stream Later Today @ 4pm CDT

Only 8% Left –> Help Us Get To 100% By End of Live Stream!

Join us for this week’s Last Colony Live Stream, We will be talking about the home stretch of the crowdfunding of The Last Colony and continued work on the campaign poster.

TOPITOPICS WE WILL COVER: Our process for making art, Finding your audience, What is “SOCIAL PROOF”, and much more!

This was a crazy week in the Tikvah universe! Do you have those?  Where you suddenly find yourself looking at the upcoming weekend, and wonder where the week went?  The good news is that I made it to 75% of my kids’ sports games, my kid’s arm wasn’t broken, and regardless of the unpredictables – we are making great progress on the Comic and Poster!  

We couldn’t have survived this week without the community around us, and we couldn’t have launched this project without YOU, our TLC Community.  This was really impressed upon me this week: the importance of community in all aspects of life. 

As an artist, how do you keep making progress, how do you know you’re moving forward, and how do you check that you’re moving in the right direction? These topics will be covered in today’s Live Stream.  

We’ll be making art and look forward to your input on our creation of a Crowdfund Poster that will be in ALL Backer’s Comics who’ve signed up for rewards starting at the $30 level which we are only 8% away from reaching our goal so we need your direct support as this is our way of saying THANK YOU for supporting this fun project!  

For the Live Streams, any art and creative questions are absolutely welcome – and please share! Go to to join! Log into YouTube to comment, would love to see you there!

Join Us For Our Last Colony Live Stream today later afternoon