Image Credit: Muddy Color/Paul Bonner

Sitting comfortably?…….Good.

It really is an honour to be asked to contribute something to this little gathering of movers, shakers and artistic worthies. A talented bunch who do a lot to promote the stuff we all love. A lot more time consuming than it appears (as I’ve found out for myself). So thank you all very much.

Dan roped me into this a while ago now and though I’ve had to stop and start on it over some months now, this is the painting whose progress I decided to try and follow. “Hrimox”, after Hrimturse, the Nordisk frost giant.  He comes from the wonderful world of Trudvang, based very closely on Scandinavian mythology, folk tales and sagas… a fantastic place that I am more than happy to visit whenever I can. The guys responsible for this commission work under the name Riotminds. Actually, used to work. They have recently joined the ever lengthening list of companies that, since having had the pleasure of dallying with my creative offerings, have had to turn of the electricity, board up the windows and go home. Indeed – the globe straddling behemoth that is Games Workshop is at present the only bunch that seem able to resist – or simply shrug off – this curse that seems to have attached itself to my name. Ha! Their time will come.

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