Congratulations, we are fully funded!!  Now the ‘real’ work begins… kidding! We actually have been working non-stop to ensure our delivery times.  This project is truly a work of love from me to you, and my whole team greatly appreciates your support and enthusiasm.  You make it all worthwhile!

This week in the world of The Last Colony, we have been refining like crazy.  It’s all about the details and I’m excited to show you the final product!  

A previous comic publication I did was the poem, “The Man From Snowy River,” a poem by A.B. ‘Banjo’ Patterson in honor of my grandfather who hails from down under. I’d like to take a second and commemorate this project for my dad.  The fact that I taught at the collegiate level is incredible and something my dad just started to see right before he passed.  This is meaningful to me because as I’ve shared in my podcasts and on our blog, I had to find my courage and learn how to read in the middle of college.  It was humiliating, frustrating, and terrifying to take that leap, but I did it and my dad, this brilliant lawyer along with my mom took a chance on me to show me that ‘the possible’ is always on the horizon. 

Through all the hurdles and experiences we’ve had over this past year, I want us to continue to embrace our courage. This story about how far we will go for the ones we love is maybe more important because of this last year.  This is what The Last Colony is all about.

It’s an incredible honor that all 59 of our Backers stepped up with your support.  I am humbled again, but this time in the best way possible.  I look forward to continuing this journey and can’t wait to show you the new poster today!
For the Live Streams, any art and creative questions are absolutely welcome – and please share! Go to to join! Log into YouTube to comment, would love to see you there!