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TikvahMinds Quarterly (TMQ) is a collaborative endeavor directed by Tikvah inc.’s founder, Elijah Loving, focusing on providing artists, illustrators, and creators with an authentic connection to the featured creators and their insights into their craft.

Our focus is on what it takes to be an independent illustrator, artist, and creator.  We discuss how to get published and the journeys we take to get our career to the level we are after.  These featured artists interviewed reveal all angles of the creation process to us: the possibilities for independent illustrators and the challenges they face.

We love seeing artists grow no matter the level in artistic skills and business mindsets, no matter where you are on your journey.  Remember, no matter how much time you have to work with regardless of your location, it is one of the most crucial topics that matter most to artists and as such is the focus of the TikvahMinds Program.

Join a community that is tearing down the barriers that consistently hold artists and illustrators back from drawing at that next level. Our TMQ publication includes exercises with demos, artwork from featured artists and their processes, as well as business tips, and more.

Exercises and Demos

Keep these for your personal library, we share the top exercises and content from the last 3 months of TikvahLibarary additions.

Business Tips

Success doesn’t happen overnight.  This section will be key to maintaining your momentum and documenting the latest business trends, tips, and available tools for your library.

Featured Artists

Discover and connect with our Tikvah inc. featured artists, their art, techniques, and secrets to success.



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We are so excited that you are interested in not only talking about your work but also sharing your art and illustrations in our quarterly publication.  Please take a few moments to fill out all of the following information.  This will ensure that the content and work are a true representation of your creative efforts and that the quality of your work is shown in the best light.

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