Proportions of the Human Figure

Some keys to understanding the eight-head canon. The eight-head canon in video games, comic books, and animation. We want to make sure that you are drawing your character straight up. How to correct an out-of-proportion figure using the eight-head canon. You can implement and follow the eight-head canon when drawing the human form while recognizing correct proportions.

Now that we have gone over the basic ideas of gesture drawing and line quality, we want to jump into the human anatomy and body proportions. An example of this is the eight-head human figure. This is an excellent method for understanding the figures, but as we grow, we will learn how to deconstruct them or challenge them based on your character design needs. However, the base to develop a skill like that starts with breaking down each major part of the body into small chunks so it is easier for you to follow and apply to your work.

Whether male or female, A well-drawn human figure is set up by lining all major body parts up. It is the foundation for getting your proportions correct. You will start to develop an eye for seeing if something is off. This is key for building your foundational skills.

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