What is the Purpose?

A gesture drawing is a loose drawing that embodies the gesture of the human form. We will begin our lecture by examining the purpose of gesture drawing, as well as looking at line quality. Our videos will review both good line quality and foul line quality.

Good quality and confidence in your line show you know what you’re doing. You need to know how and when to vary the thickness of your lines. Thicker lines stand out and bring lines to the front. Thinner lines are necessary when you want a form to be pushed back in your composition. Each scenario you encounter will call for a different type of line stroke. Throughout this module, we will look at the different types of line strokes for different situations.

The distance can also dictate line thickness. When something is further away, you render it with thinner lines. This helps sell distance and depth.

Light can also affect line quality. In our lecture, we will look at how light can affect line quality and how we can indicate details in our lines. We will also note that playing with your line weights is essential.

Gesture drawing is an essential skill you need to build your characters. In this part of our lecture, we will go through the paces of developing quick studies. Speed is essential, and drawing quick studies gets the essential pieces in place so you can build your figures.

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