The Last Colony: Live Stream This Afternoon with Artist DAN EKIS

Only 10% Left –> Help Us Get To 100% By End of Live Stream!

You are A-MA-ZING!  Thank you for your continued support throughout this campaign!  I love saying our supporters and backers are the best because it’s true!  So if 6 people backed at the $50 reward level or 10 people back at the $30 level, we will meet our goal!
Join us this afternoon for the Live Stream for a promised collab with Artist Dan Ekis, tomorrow and *especially* on Friday (this week only) to accommodate his busy schedule.  He’s an amazing Independent Artist living the dream.  For more information on Dan, he was featured in the TikvahMinds Quarterly Magazine (TMQ3) publication.  Here’s a link to his YouTube Channel, check him out and come hang out!

We’ll be making art and look for your input, so join in on our creation of a Crowdfund Poster that will be in all Backer’s Comics who’ve signed up for rewards starting at the $30 level (and up) as our way of saying THANK YOU for your support.

For the Live Streams, any art and creative questions are absolutely welcome – and please share! Go to to join! Log into YouTube to comment, would love to see you there!

Join Us For Our Last Colony Live Stream tomorrow afternoon